Project Time Location Profile
The Xingtai Meikailong global home life Square 2012-02-01 hebei xingtai The one-stop home shopping center, commercial, office, apartments, a total construction area of 243,880 square meters, 23 floors above ground and 2 underground floors, currently under construction.
The definite JIUDING Fighting Center 2011-12-01 hebei dingzhou National martial arts fighting competition hall, the construction surface of positive 15,000 square meters, the design is completed, is under construction.
Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center 2011-11-01 shijiazhuang Definite New District, Shijiazhuang City, the construction of the iconic key projects is a very large exhibition buildings, integrated exhibition and conference-commerce, information, leisure and tourism, catering, entertainment, accommodation is one, with a total construction area of 259,520 square meters, is currently under construction.
The Dingzhou Zhongshan oasis residential area 2010-01-01 Hebei Dingzhou The large garden-style residential area, mainly to high-rise residential, multi-storey residential, supplemented by a total area of ​​100 square meters, the current one is nearing completion, two are under construction.
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